bellaobastian are inspired by a world where consumption is governed by our physical and practical needs instead of our mental materialistic desires and where we are acquiring things with long- term intentions.

The old fashioned but glorious inheritance of clothing between generations is something missing in today's society, where constant renewal and updating seems to be a must.

In particular, we seek a world where the use of clothes is not determined by gender, age or time. Unisex, adjustable sizes and variable details give our clothes long lifes while making them ageless, variable and wearable at all occasions.

Consuming bellaobastian is an investment in quality and long term products with never ending versatility. Classic style in plain designs to be worn in various combinations for all occasions.

All production is situated in Estonia and Sweden where we can guarantee good working conditions.

bellaobastian do not believe in a fashion that is changed for each season. Instead we let our clothes live through several collections and we dream of the days when clothes were made to be worn out.